Prakash Rai

Concept Designer

Master’s Degree in Geography

He designed the concept of Local Level Profile Information Management System while he was at Community Development Program (CDP). Currently, he is leading the team for developing Local Level Digital Profile in around 15 local levels across the country. He is also leading the team for baseline survey of WASH Project in Karjanha, Kalyanpur,and Sirah Municipality for Welt Hunger Hilfe.He has accumulated a huge experience of undertaking the Result-based local level Planning and monitoring. He led the team for Local Level Periodic Plan in 10 Local levels and 8 districts for Periodic District Development Plan(PDDP). After restructuring of Nepal, he has led the team to develop Local Government Profile Information Management System in more than 44 Local Levels.

Mr. Rai has led the team to conduct Baseline Study for Web-based Monitoring System of GIZ/INCLUDE project; Baseline Studies of Karnali Employment Project (KEP) for DFID; Baseline and Endline Study of Trade Promotion Project (TPP) for GIZ. He is adept in GIS, data management, RBMs and LFA. Currently, Mr. Rai is chairing a consulting company, Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) Pvt. Ltd.

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